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I have anxiety I started worrying about my blood sugar

Patient: I have anxiety. I started worrying about my blood sugar. I got a tester and yesterday after eating it was 95. This morning I tested fasting and it was 96. I drink one cup of coffee and drink ensure plus each morning. I tested it after that and it was 164. Should I be worried?



Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Your fasting blood sugar being at 96 is normal. The fasting level should be less than 11 0 to 120 depending on the test used.Also, if you got the second test done after having the coffee. This will cause an increase in the sugar levels. This can also be called post meal blood sugar. If the test was done in less than 2 hours of having the coffee and the Ensure plus. If the test was done in less than 2 hours, then the test will have to repeated.If the test was done after 2 hours, please talk to a Doctor and get checked and talk about treatment for the Diabetes.Do follow up with comments and I will help you. All the best.



Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Well I just checked it now and it’s been three hours and it’s at 102 . So I guess the ensure and coffee brought it up and I checked too soon? I should not be worried then right?

Doctor: Thank you for the follow up.
Yes, that is a possibility. Check the blood sugar 2 hours after having a regular meal. It should be less than 120. Since you are using glucose strips I would recommend that you keep a range of 5 for the error.
Also give me your body weight and height so I can assess if you are at risk for diabetes.

Patient: My weight is 139 height 5/5

Patient: My bp is always perfect like 117/75

Doctor: Thank you.
Your weight is in the normal range for your height. I do not think that you have to worry much. Please be aware of symptoms of diabetes like:
Increased thirst
Increased urination
Increased hunger
Hope this helps you.

Patient: Ty I am a huge worrier. So in your opinion u think I’m ok?

Doctor: Yes, I think you are fine. But I do recommend you get a Master Health Check up done when you get the chance.

Patient: Now that makes me worry …

Doctor: It is recommended that you get an exam done once every year. Just a routine checkup. Do not worry.

Patient: Ok… Ty so I need to stop taking test every few hours…

Doctor: Yes. Take it once tomorrow to confirm sugar level is normal.

Patient: Ok Ty for your help. I’m grateful

Doctor: You are welcome. Please continue to use AskTheDoctor if you have more questions. Wish you good health.

Patient: Ok I ate a sandwich for lunch and checked two hours later and it was 80 so it must have been the ensure plus I think

Patient: Will u not answer now?

Doctor: Thank you for the follow. Sorry for the delay in the response.
Yes, you are fine. Do not worry about this. Have a good day.


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