I have asthma and Sometimes I can’t breath 

Patient: I have asthma and Sometimes I can’t breath in my sleep and I feel like I have absolutely no control over my body. I can’t feelMy arms or move them to help I can’t speak or even open my eyes I get SO scared!! I sometimes feel like I might die.it happened today and be fore I went to bed I was tired so maybe that’s why. But please give me any advice you have on it or any reasons why you think this happens thank you.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Many asthmatics suffer from similar problems. This is a form of acute exacerbation of a sthma, where the sympathetic system also gets involved causing such discomfort and the anxiety levels also increase. You will always need some source of contact near you, like a calling bell, a telephone or an alarm to alert people when you need help during an attack. Try deep breathing and stay calm. Keep inhalers by your side always. Daily breathing exercises will reduce the frequency of attacks.Hope this helped.Regards