I have back pain, and I’m a teenage athlete.

Patient: Hello, I’m 14 yrs old and have back pain. Whenever I clean my horses stall or hit someone on the football field, my back hurts really bad. It even made me stop playing sports. Sometimes when I’m just sitting I’ll get pain in my back really bad. It’s like in the middle to lower part of my back. I think it’s from when I worked out In 6th grade and did incorrect form on back days. Do you know what is wrong with me? I wanted to go to a doctor to see but it’s too expensive. Also, I am about to start lacrosse and need to be healed from my back pains.

Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.It seems that you have a muscle strain. A muscle strain occurs when you have injured a muscle in the body. The injured muscle released cytokines and certain chemicals which cause inflammation and pain.Here are a few things you can try:- Icing the area- Massage- Heat fomentation- Stretching- Ibuprofen 4 times a dayIf you don’t feel better in 3 days, please see a Doctor as soon as possible.