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I have been diagnosed with genital warts over two months

Patient: I have been diagnosed with genital warts over two months ago. One was in my vaginal entrance. I had it frozen multiple times and the skin turned white and hardened. After a while it still didn’t look ok, so I went back to doctors office. She said it’s normal vaginal skin. Not convinced, as this bit of the skin resembles a genital wart (about 1.5 cm) and it’s rough as opposed to the rest of vaginal skin. I went to another doctor, she wasn’t sure but said yes, that a wart. However, when she started freezing it, she said it doesn’t absorb cryotherapy as wart should and told me it’s a skin fold. I went to the third doctor and she looked at it, thought it was a wart, froze it but again said it doesn’t absorb the cryotherapy and it just be a skin fold. So now I have a very rough chunk of skin there that is pale white for over a month and looks like a wart. My question is whether multiple cryotherapy could make the skin rough and pale for so long, or should I go and consult fourth doctor? It really does look like a wart, and I want to believe the doctors, but I know that ‘skin fold’ hasn’t been there before. What should I do?



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It is to be understood that after a cryotherapy procedure for a particular wart, the basal skin generally gets abraded and the basal lamina is often injured leading to further healing by fibrosis. This may appear as shrivelled skin or folded on its own, but now as you have undergone three procedures over the same area again and again the repeated cryotherapy caused further damage to that local area which further healed by fibrosis and lead to a white patch formation which is present as of now.If the cryotherapy is not absorbing the suspected wart tissue then it is not a wart for sure. However, you may send a picture of the same for review and better opinion on the lesion.Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: That should be OK – if three doctors told me it’s not a wart it’s possibly not. I had some much more obvious ones outside the vagina, so now being cautious. The thing was frozen so many times the tissue may as well be damaged – my sensitivity in that place is considerably lowered now. Will it heal over time?

Doctor: Well , fibrotic tissue is infact a dead tissue and it shall further cause contraction of scar in next 6months to 1 year or so but the actual natural skin cells would never be regenerated, so advise would be to not to undergo any further cryo procedures over the area at all and let it be. Apply moisturisers locally as the local area is likely to be felt drier all the time.


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