I have been diagonosed via blood test and then with

Patient: I have been diagonosed via blood test and then with urine and swab with Enterococcus. I was put on Cipro 500mg for 3 weeks and did not go away and now additional 10 days of the same with no improvement, what is the next step or medication I can try to get rid of this. The burning during urination is not improving.

Symptoms: Urination buring, constant need to urinate, slight pain in genital region

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have been diagnosed with Enterococcus fecalis infection which is a gram positive cocci and its not been treated with ciprofloxacin then it clearly indicates that it is resistant to the drug and hence the drug needs to be changed.The best would be an urine enterococcus antibiotic sensitivity test based on which antibiotics should ideally be prescribed. Nevertheless it’s been already 3 weeks and no relief, definitely continuation of ciprofloxacin would not be an answer instead a higher antibiotic like TAB CEFEXIME 200mg twice a day for 7 days + Tab Ornidazole 500mg twice a day for 7 days. This combination shall help clear the infection completely along with gram-negative and anaerobes if accompanied. you may discuss the option with your physician and get it prescribed. you should be benefitted by the prescription indeed. Also increase your water intake to 5 litres a day to allow early flushing out of infection.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards