I have been exercising more recently and now I am

Patient: I have been exercising more recently and now I am having an issue with low blood sugar. It has happened before. What is the best solution?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Noted your history of increased exercising recently, now hav ing issue with low blood sugar; happened before also – wants to know the best solutions.Low blood sugar can be combated with the following:Small frequent meals- May be a small breakfast before you start exercises or a beverage with sugar so that the body has sufficient sugar to be utilized during exercise and not have the problem of low blood sugar level.- Reduce the intensity and duration of exercises before the sugar level is depleted.Please give some additional information:Have you actually checked the blood sugar levels or just thought about it due to some symptoms. If due to symptoms, please mention the symptoms and if sugar levels were done post the actual reports with the normal ranges that the labs/ glucometer says about. Any other information that you would like to share.I hope this answer helps you.