I have been experiencing pain I ny hip bone On

Patient: I have been experiencing pain I ny hip bone. On the outside of the hip bone. I did some internet research and you should know the pain I not in my thigh or butt it is in my hip. It is the worst on the left side. It used to only happen when I would lay on my side for a long time (either side, the left would hurt) but now the pain is getting worse and is lasting throughout the day but just when I lay down. I find it a little hard to drive because when I push in the clutch I can feel my hip locking and it is painful and difficult to remove my foot. There is slight pain in my right hip as well but it is not as bad as the left one. What do you think os causing this? Should I go to a doctor in my city?

Symptoms: Pain in my hip joint

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.There could a be several causes for the type of pain you have described:Soft tissue in jurySciaticaMuscle strainYou can start by doing RICE therapy. RICE involved Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.Rest the hip joint. Avoid excessive strain on it.Ice the hip for 15 minutes every hour several times a day.Compress the back with a back sleeve if you can. If not, try a massageYou may not be able to elevate the back.Take Ibuproen 3 times a day to help reduce the pain and the swelling. See a Doctor if the pain does not go down after 5 days.Hope this helps you.