I have been fainting and loosing full consciousness Its happened

Patient: I have been fainting and loosing full consciousness. Its happened 3 times that I know of. I feel dizzy, virtigo, short of breath, fast heart beat and I feel feverish. When I woke up the last time from blacking out my tong felt numb. My boyfriend came to my side and I tried to talk to him but I couldn’t form works or make sense. I have a constant headache/migraine. I have lost almost all appetite. I make sure to drink liquids. I’ve been feeling like this for about 3 weeks. What do you think?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You seem to have an illness that needs immediate attention. The symptoms that you are e xperiencing can have multiple causes. Low blood sugars and low blood pressure. thyroid disorders, hormonal changes, electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, neurological deficits, conversion disorders, epilepsy, severe migraine, circulatory disorders of heart and brain, aneurysms, hyperthermia, etc can all be the reasons. You will have to consult a physician immediately and undergo a thorough whole body examination. Investigations like blood, urine, kidney and liver tests, electrolytes and a hormonal profile will be done. Your blood sugars ned to be checked. Calcium and vitamin deficiencies to be ruled out. Also, ECG, 2D echo for the heart has to be done. The treatment will be started after the diagnosis is made. Until then, drink plenty of liquids and have a normal diet if possible and prevent dehydration.If all reports are normal, then a psychiatrist opinion may be needed to rule out hysteria and conversion disorders.Hope this helped.Regards