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I have been feeling all of the sudden yesterday after

Patient: I have been feeling all of the sudden yesterday after i urinated pain in my testicles. They feel tender. there is a noncomfortable feeling especially when i sit down. If i am moving i dont feel it as much. Besides that i get pain like heat that moves back and forth from top of my leg to my feet. I noticed a small clear discharge and i dont know if its related. It has no color and no pain.Other than that i have on and off pain in my peliv area. its been like this over a year. I am not sexually active now. I havnt had sex for almost 2 years. I asked a doctor once and he suggested that it could chronic prostatis/pelvic syndrome. Is what i am experiencing now could be a a symptom of it.I have nonalcoholic fatty liver



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history.Certainly the symptoms your have noted of discharge per urethrum, pain in the testicle on urination, pains in the legs as you explained, not being sexually active and all indicate towards prostatism. This is congestion of the prostate as the formation of the fluid continues and if it is not discharged can cause congestion and or infection.I would recommend you the following:-Per-rectal examination by General Surgeon or an Urologist is a single most informative procedure.-In addition, ultrasonography of the abdomen for genitourinary system and/or MRI helps.-Tests of urine, blood, semen analysis and semen gram staining, culture ans sensitivity all help towards the diagnosis.- The treatment will depend upon the clinical evaluation and findings on the tests.Hence the foremost important factor is to get the proper diagnosis ASAP.Please feel free to discuss further, post the reports if any you have, ask further relevant queries or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.I shall be very happy to assist you till you get well, I promise..



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Patient: I am able to have sex if i want to. Excuse my openess here, but i get HJ from my fiance without full sex. However, i feel that im the type that if i get aroused and i dont discharge it, then i start feeling the pain. If i get aroused and dont release anything, would it cause congestion within 2 days?
The pain in the testes is like tender and that has been all day today. i feel warmth also in the testes. the pain is more centered like in the middle of the testicles

Doctor: The more open and frank you are with the Doctor, the more will be informative and solution oriented. Please feel to share everything that can help us both for getting the possible diagnosis and treatment too.
I could not get the meaning of ”but i get HJ from my fiance without full sex”, please enlighten me.
Absolutely yes, your your getting aroused and not discharging causes congestion in the whole system and causes pain. It causes congestion and this is very natural process in young age.
The pain in the testes as per your explanation can be due to congestion. A continued congestion anywhere in the body causes pain ans predisposes to infection.
You can also ask for ultrasonography and color doppler study of the scrotum too.


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