I have been having a number of strange things going

Patient: I have been having a number of strange things going on with me and it’s making me miserable. 1 – crawling sensation on face hair line neck arms legs ears back scalp and feet (all over body) . 2 – hairline has very brittle hair that feels as if it is growing into my face and feels matted. 3- my hair has white stringy dust-like particles attached to them and sometimes I will pull on what seems to be an ingrown hair inside my skin but a dozen will come out 4- large bumps (pimple like) around hair line and and smaller bumps in large groups around jawline

Symptoms: Crawling sensations itchy pressure in head hair loss hair breakage

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for our query and an elucidate history.This looks to be a problem of folliculitis of some nature as hair are affected all over you body and you must consult a Dermatologist as such condition needs a direct inspection and may be a punch biopsy of the skin at affected area to have a proper diagnosis.Tell them I would advise you to take therapeutic dosages of Vitamin A and D. Continue multivitamins and so on . You can apply liquid povidone iodine over the affected skin and I would also add an anti-fungal tablet to be taken once a week for 12 weeks.Do not use any local lotions unless advised by the Dermatologist.I hope this answer helps you.