I have been having a problemI have not had a

Patient: I have been having a problem.I have not had a regular bowel movement in month. Nearly everyday I don’t feel hungry, but If I eat or dont eat I have very stinky form of diahrea. Sometimes I barely make it to the bathroom. This is beginning to bother me.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history of not having regular bowel movements for one month, stinky form of diarrhea, and now bothering.I would advise you the following in such a situation:- First of all send the stool for tests on three consecutive days.- Get started on proper antibiotics and Metronidazole along with probiotic, multivitamins and symptomatic treatment.- See the results in 5 days.- If no results- go for further investigations like colonoscopy, ultrasonography / CT scan of the abdomen.- Further treatment if needed, to be taken under the guidance of a Gastroenterologist.Hope this helps you.