I have been noticing blood for a while now after

Patient: I have been noticing blood for a while now after using the restroom. I’ve had pain in my lower back and stomach since Saturday. I began feeling the pain on Saturday morning I got up to shower an I felt like I was going to throw up and had to sit down. Ive also had a few headaches. My boyfriends mom is a nurse and she thinks the headaches are from the swollen lymph node on my neck (not sure if that could also be the cause of the pain). I was wondering if you could give me an idea on what this could be?

Symptoms: Pain in lower back and my abdomen. Headaches

Doctor: HI.Read and understood your varied history of blood on restroom, lower back pain, stomach pain, headache, nausea and had to sit down, and lymph nodes in the neck which your boyfriend’s Mother thinks so.Well, First of remember one thing, the swollen lymph nodes in the neck do not cause headache, the nausea may be related to the headache as a reflex mechanism. So do not worry unless there are symptoms related to abdomen.The blood on using restroom may need to be investigated and since you have not given any details it is difficult to comment on this.The pain in the lower back and stomach and bleeding per rectum may be due to gastroenteritis, although the full form is not establish.I would advise you to have a proper clinical examination and get a course of an antibiotic and supportive medicines if required.I hope this answer helps you.