I have been on birth control (tri sprintec) for over

Patient: I have been on birth control (tri sprintec) for over a year now. After starting a new pack of pills I had unprotected sex on the third day (third pill in first week row). My partner ejaculated in me. 4 hours after the act I took Plan B just in case. Yesterday we had unprotected sex again (5th pill in first week row). That time he did NOT ejaculate in me. I am wondering what the chances are that I am pregnant.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It is understood that you have been regular with your birth con trol pills and haven’t missed them at all. So as you had already started the pack and it was your third day of the pill when you had unprotected sex when your partner ejaculated inside you, there were no chances of pregnancy anyways simply because you were in your safe period, when ovulation hadn’t occurred. The pills themselves when used continuously as you would know prevent ovulation during the cycle and hence prevent pregnancy. There was no actual requirement of taking a plan-b at all but as you have taken it, it shall act as a double protection.Then again you had sex on 5th pill day when he didn’t ejaculate inside you but as the second intercourse was within 72 hrs of plan-b intake, you stand covered by both the birth control and plan-b. So in short, there are no chances of pregnancy at all but there is likely to be a withdrawal bleed in form of scanty bleeding or spotting within 7 days of intake of play-b simply because the concentration of progesterone in plan-b is more than trip-sprintec. it is suggested that you should continue the trip-sprintec pack regularly as you have been taking them without any fear of pregnancy at all.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards