I have been really sick lately

Patient: I have been really sick lately, on Saturday this started with really bad body pains and then a horrible sore throat with pain only on one side and my lymph node swollen on just that same side and not the other. On that side I also have had a lump with pus surrounding it which is very painful. My throat is very swollen and red and my ear on that same side has been aching, so on Tuesday I went to the doctor and she said it may be strep but it was a small clinic so she didn’t have the ability to “grow the test” over night she said if she did have the ability then she definitely thinks it would be strep because it presents itself exactly like strep, the flu test was negative and she said I do not have an ear infection. But I don’t know if she was right, anyways I have started to feel a little better with antibiotics but I have I just finished the antibiotics today and am still feeling ear pain and just under the weather, but definitely not as bad. I now have a little pimple looking thing in my throat. Is there any way this could be related to an STD or do you think this is just part of strep throat?


Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.A sore throat may be associated with ear infection. This condition is called Otitis and may take time to resolve. If you suspect STDs, please request your doctor to prescribe you appropriate tests according to your specific concerns. You need to disclose your sexual history or habits to the doctor for this. If you are not willing to disclose these information to your GP, you may also visit your local GUM (genito-urinary medicine) clinic for an evaluation. All information regarding your visit will be treated confidentially, and your GP will not be contacted without your permission.Hope this helps you.Wish you good health.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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