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I have been short of breath for 3 months following

Patient: I have been short of breath for 3 months following a flu. A CT scan shows some peribronchial thickening with some linear reticular markings medial anterior regions of both upper lobes with some subtle inflammatory changes. Conclusion reads: Inflammatory infiltrates in both upper zones. I am an asthmatic.What is the likely cause of this CT scan. What does it indicate?



Symptoms: Shortness of breath on exertion. Am exercising regularly but can’t seem to get fitter. Sometimes have shortness of breath on minimal exertion. I am overweight 52 year old female.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing in to us.I have read through your query in detail.Please find my observations below.It indicates that the small air passages have some mild inflammation with the possibility of an infection.This can be due to asthma and an infection like common cold.Please consult your doctor tto discuss the requirement of medicines like bronchodilators and any tests for sputum culture if your symptoms persist.Continuous cough and sputum can mean you have a secondary bacterial infection.Hope your query is answered.Please do write back if you have any doubts.Regards,

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Patient: Hi – I have no sputum nor cough. As I mentioned, the only symptom is dyspnea on exertion. I am already on bronchodilators and inhaled steriods and the symptoms have persisted. Hence the CT scan. I had 3 courses of antibiotics with no improvement.

Doctor: Hi,
You might be having an inflammatory condition in which the walls of small airways get thickened which is called peribronchial thickening.
Rarely it can be an atypical infection which requires detailed investigation and follow up.
I hope you have got lung function test done and breathing volumes are in the normal limits.
Kindly request a detailed discussion with your pulmonologist.
Hope your query is answered.
Please do write back if you have any doubts.


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