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I have been suffering from panic disorder and anxiety for

Patient: I have been suffering from panic disorder and anxiety for 3 years. I have seen many doctors including neurology and rheumatology, gastro. All bloodwork normal. Endoscope showed gastritis and esophagitis. I am really worried I have a serious disease. Can stress cause stomach problems?



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Yes, stress and anxiety can aggravate acid reflux and can ca use gastritis and esophagitis and can even cause stress ulcers.Now in my opining you should start workup and treatment for your anxiety and stress.In such scenario my recomendation is to start on a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone. For anxiety , panic issues you should see a Psychiatrist who would start you on SSRI like Escitalopram or Tricyclic anti depressants like Amitryplline.Avoid any pain killers. You should consume soft and bland diet.Avoid alcohol and smoking consumption in case you do.I hope the answer helps you. If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.



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Patient: Hi, thanks for the reply. I have raynauds and read online with gerd it can mean scleroderma. My gastro dr said I have no signs of that and the rheumatologist said extensive autoimmune bloodwork is all normal. Should I feel at ease that this is stress related and not auto-immune? I am a worrier thanks

Doctor: Hey. Gastritis is not a sign of scleroderma. Esopghageal dysmotility is associated.
Your symptoms are not at all suggestive of Scleroderma.
I hope it helps.

Patient: I have esophagitis as well not just gastritis. I had a barium swallow that was normal except for mild reflux. Is reflux dysmotility or would it have showed something else?

Doctor: Esophagitis and Gastritis are part of acid reflux disease.
They are not considered as diagnostic feature of Scleroderma.
Share my opinion with your doctor.
Good luck.


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