I have been taking 250g metronidazole for rosacea for 12

Patient: I have been taking 250g metronidazole for rosacea for 12 days. I have what feels like a muscle twitch along my hairline. Could they be related and should I stop taking the antibiotics? They have been prescribed for 40 days.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Metronidazole is a antimicrobial and has been given to you to clear the Rosacea. One thi ng is for certain that you should not stop the medication on your own. Stopping a antimicrobial produces super bugs which need more medication than usual to treat. This happens because the Rosacea will become resistant.Metronidazole can irritate some of the muscles in the body and cause the twitching sensation that you are feeling. I recommend that you see a Doctor to confirm this. If the side effect is not severe and you are not facing major problems like difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, or fever, you should continue the medication.If any such side effect develops or you develop a rash, please get to the ER as soon as possible. Ensure that you complete all 40 days of Metronidazole. Do not stop at even day 39.Hope this helps you.