I have been taking deviry for 16 days and have

Patient: I have been taking deviry for 16 days and have 2 continue for 3 more days one tab a day. Last 3 days there has been heavy bleeding. I intend taking ubiphene after stopping deviry. Is the heavy bleed ing normal? When should I start counting my period

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Having bleeding while taking deviry is Iess common.The p ossible causes are missing the pill or altering the time of intake of pill.Now, as you have taken the pills for 16 days, if the bleeding is heavy like regular periods, you can stop the deviry now and allow the flow to continue.Then as you had the flow for three days, from tomorrow means on fourth day of the bleeding start taking ubiphene.If the bleeding continues to be heavy, you can take the support of antifibrinolytic drugs to control the bleeding with your doctor’s advice. After ten days of starting ubiphene please go for follicular study to monitor the development of ovum.Hope I have answered your query.Take care.