I have been trying to lose weight , I am

Patient: I have been trying to lose weight , I am eating better and also exercising (cardio) i haven’t lost any weight it’s been 4 weeks i weight the same when i started 211lb what can it be ? Help

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of trying to lose weight by control of diet and exercises but there i s no change in weight over 4 weeks.This simply means your efforts are far shorter than the requirement.I would advise you the following.- Consult a Dietitian and follow the food chart strictly.- Consult the Physical trainer, tell him/ her your requirement ans also the advice of the Dietitian.-The proper combination of both only can give you the results.I hope this answers your query and you get the loopholes why you were not getting the weight down.Please follow the new routines strictly and see the results will be far better than you expected