I have blackish brown period blood which also has a

Patient: I have blackish brown period blood which also has a foul smell. I’ve been tested for b.v but don’t have it. I get pains that are like Ibs pains. I’ve been to my doctor she thinks everything is fine but it isn’t it’s ruined my sex drive and my confidence it has totally ruined my quality of life. This has been happening since I had the copper coil put in place. I’ve had only one sexual partner since that procedure and no sexually transmitted diseases or infections as I’ve been checked. Can you please help I don’t know what to do

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Blackish brown color of menstrual flow usually indicates col lected blood in uterus.But severe abdominal pain and foul smelling discharge may indicate pelvic infection.Women with IUCD are more prone for pelvic infection.By clinical examination and investigations like ultrasound and vaginal swab culture and sensitivity, the possible cause of your problem can be identified and treated.If all these tests gave negative results and symptoms still persist, better to think about changing the contraceptive method.Take care