I have blood in my semen for last two weeksits

Patient: I have blood in my semen for last two weeks.its not painful or sensitive in any way. Without injury and no possible stds. Im 30 yrs old otherwise healthy. What can cause this and should i get checked?

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.I understand you are worried about blood in semen. I can certainly help you with that.Blood in semen also known as hematospermia is a common condition seen in men. Most often there is no obvious cause and it tends to settle down on its own just like a runny nose without any treatment. However if the symptoms continue beyond 3 weeks then the following things have to be investigated for1. Infection of the urethra and seminal vesicles2. Prostate exam3. Reno vascular disease like hypertensionThe best person to approach would be a Urologist. I hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to meRegards