I have blood when I urinate and there is a

Patient: I have blood when I urinate and there is a Sandy substance along with it. I went to my primary and there is no infection. I had a CT scan and it came back clear. No kidney stones.

Symptoms: Blood in urine. Sandy substance. Abdominal pain.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history.The sandy substance is called coarse crystalluria and due to its roughness ca uses the abrasion of the urinary mucosa to cause bleeding..It is good that CT scan has come normal.- Some of the reasons for this are:Extra calcium you may be taking- if at all, stop it.Get ultrasound of the neck to rule out the parathyroid glands.Take 3 times the water you are taking.Send urine for culture and sensitivity to see chronic infection and before you are started on antibiotic.If positive take minimum 3 weeks of course.There are some Ayurvedic preparations that help in such situations and consult an Ayurvedic specialist about this.I hope this answers your query