I have breast pain? Went to doctor yesterday

Patient: I have breast pain? Went to doctor yesterday and he said there is no lumb or cancer probably muscle pain. What do I do for breast pain?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for posting your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.From your description, it appea rs that there can be 2 possibilities: 1) Tietze’s syndrome 2) fibroadenosis, also known as ANDI.As your doctor has examined and found that there is no evidence of any breast lump or cancer, there is no need to worry.Kindly get an ultrasound of both the breasts, if the USG shows fibro adenosis you can take Tab. Evion and Primrose prophylactically to reduce the swelling.If the pain is not relieved even after use of Tab. Evion and primrose for 3 months and the pain is severe subcutaneous mastectomy with prosthesis placement will be the treatment. But this happens rarely.Kindly visit your surgeon with the USG breast report and follow his advice.Hope this was helpful,Regards.