September 22, 2018

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I have chronic knee pain and my GP has referred

Patient: I have chronic knee pain and my GP has referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, however it takes over a year to get in.I would like an opinion



Symptoms: Swelling and chronic knee pain. clicking and grinding when walking and bending



Doctor: HelloThanks for posting your query at ATDAs very little information is available in your query, please provide me with answers to a few questions to arrive to a provisional diagnosis.1) What’s your age group?2) Since how long have you been having symptoms of knee pain and swelling?3) Which activities aggravates pain and what are the relieving factors for pain?4) Is the knee pain more after a period of rest or activity?5) What is the exact site of knee pain and swelling? Inner side near tibia, femur or outer side side tibia or femur, or the knee cap?6) Are you able to stand up easily from squatting position or do you face difficulty?7) What is more painful walking upstairs or downstairs or both equally?Kindly revert back with answers to these questions. Looking forward to your reply.Regards

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Patient: 1 – 65-70
2. over 4 years but getting worse
3. walking… rest, and sometimes ice
4. more after activity
5. more on the inside of knee
6. not able to stand up easily from squatting position
7. all stairs are aggravating

Doctor: From the history it appears that you have osteoarthritis knee. Confirmation of the diagnosis is by xray of the knees and the treatment options vary from conservative to surgical options depending upon the stage of disease as seen on xray.
You might be having fairly advanced disease and therefore your gp has referred you to an orthopaedic surgeon.
If you have a xray of your knees, then please send the image for confirmation of the same and further discussion.


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