I have cough and problem of difficulty in breathing This

Patient: I have cough and problem of difficulty in breathing. This problem always start in month of April and it end at may after taking medicine prescribed by doctor.Than again it start in October and last for 1 month. I have this problem from past 7 years this problem becomes severe in month of April and October.But the problem of cough remains their for all over the year.During April and in month of October I get saliva like a form of gum. It is yellow or sometimes white in color..But all over the year I have very light cough. But if I startrunning or if iI laugh more I start coughing and difficulty in breathing. This problem may last for and hour or so. Than everything becomes normal.I am a non smoker and non drinker and I have a allergy with dust and pollution.When I have severe problem like in month of April and October I take medicine prescribed by doctor for almost about month.Kindly suggest how to cure this problem

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.This is called as seasonal allergy and the only curative treatment of such conditions is to keep away from the allergens by whatever means you can.The possibilities are:- Use air-conditioners which have the capacity to filter the allergens.- Use masks- Change to a place which suits your respiratory system.- increase the resistance power by taking therapeutic dose of Vitamin A and D.- Take anti-oxidants.- Repeated course of tapering dosages of steroid may help.- Topical use of steroid sprays and so on.I hope this answer helps you a lot.