I have developed oral thrush from a possible exposure to

Patient: I have developed oral thrush from a possible exposure to HIV 5 months ago can oral thrush be an early symptom of HIV

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Although oral thrush is a symptom of HIV infection, it is not a specific symptom. It ca n happen in other conditions as well where the immunity of a person is low, as in recurrent infections, fungal infections, malignancies, nutritional deficiencies, lack of oral hygiene, and unknown causes. However, since you have a history of exposure to HIV, oral thrush can be considered as an early symptom of HIV.Kindly see a physician or a dermatologist for an examination and also get tested for HIV .Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: I have asked this question to numerous doctors on the internet an looked at the information on the Mayo Clinic site concerning HIV an in every case the others have said if I had thrush I would also have other medical issues such as pneumonia an skin rashes. I am 6 months into this since the exposure an have had nothing medically wrong until the oral thrush. So you are saying thrush can be the first symptom of HIV 6 months after exposure with no other medical symptoms? Thank you for your response. Jeff