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I have discomfort in my hip areas.

Patient: I have discomfort in my hip areas and the only way to get rid of it is to lay on my side swing my leg over my body with it bent slightly at the knee and rotate back to its normal position with me kicking my leg out straight and every time there is a popping noise and feel, do you know what this could be?



Doctor: Hello, welcome to ATDYour condition is most probably Femoro- Acetabular Impingement syndrome.You present with al most classical clinical picture of it.Second diagnosis is snapping hip syndrome.And the third diagnosis is avascular necrosis femoral head.Further clinical examination along with radiological investigations are required to confirm the diagnosis and start a treatment.Feel free to discuss further.Regards



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Patient: Is there anything I can do for treatment for any of these diagnosis?

Doctor: Yes, three is treatment for all the conditions mentioned and other disease as well which you might have. The condition require both clinical examination as well as radiological investigations to confirm or rule out the provisional diagnosis. My recommendation is to visit the local doctor and follow up for second opinion as clinical examination is irreplaceable.
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