I have elevated liver enzymes Hep panel came back negative

Patient: I have elevated liver enzymes. Hep panel came back negative. Now they want to do a gallbladder function test? from all of my friends who have had their gallbladders taken out, it doesn’t seem to me that mine is bad! I have no pain and don’t feel sick after eating or anything. Also, an ultra sound of my liver and gallbladder didn’t show anything of concern. What else could this be? Help please!!!

Symptoms: Elevated liver enzymes

Doctor: Hi young man.It looks you do not have any symptoms related to the gall bladder as you were suffering from hepatitis .Yes, you do not then need the functioning tests as the ultrasonography is sufficient indication.But if you have any pain in the upper right abdomen, white stool you may then may please go for the said test.This may be just viral hepatitis.Hope this helps.