I have extreme nasal congestion I have been using a

Patient: I have extreme nasal congestion. I have been using a nasal decongestant because I can’t sleep but the nasal congestion started way before that. I went to my ENT and he said it could be because of a deviated septum. So I have a septoplasty and after that it was fine for a while. Then I got congested again and couldn’t sleep without the nasal decongestant. It’s gotten to the point were the nasal decongestant isn’t even opening my nostrils all the way. I wake up randomly in the middle of the night gasping for air. I think this is serious. I have another appointment with my ENT in 2 weeks. I am currently using the nasal decongestant as I can’t breathe at all. I can’t sleep with my mouth open. Any suggestions? I believe it could be because I have 2 cats but I am not allergic to them. Even if I do somehow magically stop using the spray I will still be congested…

Symptoms: Congestion, breathing problems,

Doctor: Hi.OK, read and understood your history of nasal congestion in spite of septoplasty and nasal decongestant drops.Th e congestion is so much that you have to wake up at night for taking breath.My thoughts and suggestions:- Get the CT scan of the nose and sinuses done.- Get an ENT endoscopy; these two things will add on the respiratory problem.-The possibility of a ”vasomotor Rhinitis should be borne in mind and addition of the anti-depressant works the best.Request your ENT to consider about the vasomotor component and you will definitely get a great benefit.Follow the lifestyle with least possible stress and anxiety and see the difference.