I have fever 38deg c Headache, including at the back

Patient: I have fever. 38deg c. Headache, including at the back of my eyes. And muscle pain. I had CBC today and the result was my wbc 4.72 a bit lower compared to the normal range 5-10. The doctor said its normal. In just having a flu. But i don’t have cough or colds. Do i need to consult another doctor? I’m worried that it might be dengue

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I can understand your concern about Dengue.All your symptoms of fever, headache and m uscle pain can be due to viral fever as said by your Doctor. It is not necessary that you develop cold and flu in all the patients.WBC of 4.72 is normal and lowers in Viral.The possibility of Typhoid has to be kept in mind as it too gives the same presentation in the beginning period of illness.No need to visit another Doctor, you can re-consult the same Doctor.In dengue the platelet count is reduced.