I have for three days like sore throat infection

Patient: I have for three days like sore throat infection that affects by drinking fluids or eating. Been taking aspirin and gargle hot water with salt. I think I need an antibiotics.

I have for three days like ...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and clear picture.Noted the history of sore throat for three days, that is affected by dr inking fluids and eating. Also noted history of taking aspirin, Ibuprofen and gargles with hot water with salt.The Picture you have provided shows pus formation in the left tonsil, severe edema of the Pharyngeal wall with redness and coating of hte tongue.This is definitely infection and you need to take antibiotics, continue Ibuprofen in proper dosage as will be prescribed by your Doctor.Take a warm liquid diet.Plenty of oral water as it has self-cleaning action as well as will hydration proper.Insist on completion of the course till you are cured