I have frequent urination problem from past 10 years

Patient: I have frequent urination problem from past 10 year i have not take treatment for this..Am 26 now now am feelin afraid tel is anything serious…no paining nly frequent urination no other symptoms..some days i have this problem in night..and some days in day time..some days no problem..plz help me

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You clearly have incontinence. Incontinence is a disorder where you are not able to cont rol the outflow of urine. Here are the types of Incontinence:Urgeand OverflowIn urge incontinence, you will urinate as soon as you feel the urge to urinate. In overflow incontinence, you will urinate once the bladder is full.Here are some treatment options:Keep you bladder empty by going to the washroom oftenGet Behaviour therapy done to prevent urine outflowSurgery to correct a spoilt valve which prevents urinationI hope this helps you. See a Doctor soon. All the best.