I have gotten bites yesterday by a bug that I

Patient: I have gotten bites yesterday by a bug that I don’t know and where i have the bite there is a huge tender to the touch red circle and i’m not sure how to treat it or if it is serious or not?

Symptoms: Itchy ness it can hurt if I walk to long. and its very tender to the touch

I have gotten bites yesterd...-1

Doctor: HI,Thanks for your query and the picture.Noted the history of bite by an unknown bug/insect, itching, redness, t enderness, pain on long walk. Wants to know how to treat it and if it is serious or not.All these points indicate that there is a severe reaction, I would advise you the following in such a situation:-Take an anti-histamine like Cetirizine-You may need prescription based treatment such as Oral steroids as you do not know the bug that has caused this.-Try to restrict the movements as they may cause more spread of the allergen.-Keep under observations of the Doctor too as it helps any other additional treatment like antibiotic, incision or dressing if needed in the future.I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.