I have had a bad migraine for 2 days even took sumatriptan with no relief.

Patient: I have had a bad migraine for 2 days even took sumatriptan with no relief im sick to my stomach and sweating like crazy what can i do?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.You seem to have migraine with aura, a nd you need medications for the same.Mostly triptans at adequate dose reduces the severity, however, in your case, I would advise you to talk to your family physician who can advise Topiramate for you, in addition to the triptans, to reduce the severity as well as frequency.Also, you can take Reglan for relief from the stomach symptoms.Feel free to discuss further.

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Patient: what can be done tonight until I can see or talk to my doctor?

Doctor: If topiramate is available in pharmacies nearby, you can try getting one.. What’s the dose of the triptan that you’re taking?

Patient: 100mg one on the onset of headache and 2 hours later another one. At this point I am not keeping anything down not even water. Migraine is still with me as well.. My througt is burning. Head still pounding.. What should I do??

Doctor: Firstly you please take either Ondansetron or Metoclopromide SOS to reduce the nausea feeling..
Once that settles, I would recommend you visit the ER where they can take a CT and also give you a prescription for topiramate.