I have had a child before but soon after got

Patient: I have had a child before but soon after got on the depo shot. I recently didnt get my last shot so could start my cycle to prepare for another child in a few years.. ever since then ive been feeling really bad and i seen blood once my stomach looks bloated but ive been tired etc but my tests come back negative

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It generally takes 3 months to get off the contraceptive effect and have a successful pregnancy. Do not get disheartened. Start yourself on folic acid and try for conception every cycle. You will conceive in a period of 6 months. In case you do not, then consult a gynecologist for an examination and investigations to rule out causes for secondary infertility. Meanwhile, maintain a healthy diet by drinking plenty of water and having a nutritious meal every day. Also, make sure you and your partner do not smoke or consume alcohol as it may delay conception.Hope this helped.Regards