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I have had a productive cough for almost a year

Patient: I have had a productive cough for almost a year now along with some sort of nasty looking lesions in my throat, around my tonsil area. I will cough up ungodly amounts of pleghm each day and I’ve noticed that it has changed from lime green/brown-tinged color to white and bubbly. It also tastes a lot like chemicals when I cough it up. I spat in a water bottle and left it overnight after reading that it could be a test for yeast infections or something like that… When I woke up I saw the chunks of pleghm still floating but now there were white strings kind of settling down to the bottom. Should I be concerned?



Symptoms: Productive cough, migraines, fatigue, major depression and anxiety, digestive issues (major constipation, passing what looks almost like rocks and are red, white, or black in color, LOTS of what looks like mucus), reoccurring UTIs, urinary incontinece, tachycardia, shortness of breath, stiff neck, rashes, hives, crawling sensations, pain in joints- (mostly knees, fingers, and hips), disruptive sleep cycle, full body swelling (usually only at night and mostly occurs around the front of my upper thighs, underarms, ankles, neck area), small numb painless lumps all over my body.. One near my groin area, another directly on my sternum, changes in vision (lots of floaters)



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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at I understand your concern.From your description, it se ems like you have a chronic pharyngitis, and the infection has also spread to the tonsils. In chronic pharyngitis cases, there is a lot of phlegm, which keeps coming out, and the mucous looks thick. Moreover, the tonsils also get involved easily, and long-term infection can even end up causing tonsillolith, making it mandatory for the surgeon to remove the tonsils.Since it’s been there for such a long time, I will ask you to get a sputum culture done, and get the tonsil physically examined to rule out tonsilloliths. Once you get the sputum culture done, the physician can recommend the appropriate antibiotic to you, and this will improve the chances of healing. Normally chronic cases have resistant infections, hence it is always better to get a sputum culture done. One more possibility is that of a post-nasal drip, which happens due to chronic sinusitis cases, and can present similarly.Hope this was helpful,Please feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Thank you! Would tonsilloliths make my tonsils feel really hard? I keep thinking I have tonsil stones and try to pop them out, but they absolutely won’t budge. It feels like there’s something really solid and quite large in there. It appears to be causing my tonsils to look kind of caved in, like a large hole. Also, if it is something like tonsil stones or tonsilloliths, is it possible for them to be accidentally swallowed and pass through my bowel? The hard objects in my stool are often very light colored and literally have the consistency of rocks. Part of me wondered if this could be some kind of fungal infection, due to all the different areas of my body that I’m having issues with and also because, unfortunately, before I found out that antibiotics weren’t a magic cure all for all my issues, I was popping them like candy, usually when I had even an tiny inkling that a UTI was coming on…Hate dealing with UTI pain more than anything!!! Thank you for your help!

Doctor: Hello,
You do have a lot of health issues, and you need a detailed set of investigations to find out what is the main issue.
Regarding the tonsil stones, yes, the way you described the feeling in the tonsils as well as the caving, indicate tonsillar stones. Kindly get them evaluated by an ENT specialist.
Also, it can’t pass with BM, it is stuck inside the crypts.
Hope this was helpful,


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