I have had a reaction to which I think

Patient: I have had a reaction to which I think was cephalexin 3147. Redness on and my breast & the groin area, also a little later on both arms. It has lasted a little over a week and now a rash & itching has replaced it. Could this be from an allergic reaction to. This medication?

Symptoms: A little redness but mostly rash & itching now in those areas!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.Since the rashes occurred after cephalexin injection ,it is most likely allergic reac tion to cephalexin.This drug should not be taken henceforth.First you should visit your doctor who will advise you antihistamines like diphenhydramine and cetrizine to treat this allergic reaction. You may also be prescribed hydro cortisone cream for topical application , however the use of this cream should be limited.There are some self care measures by which you can get relief :Apply calamine lotion over affected area.Avoid use of soapsApply cold compress.Refrain from scratching.Avoid use of irritants.Avoid exposure to heat and wear comfortable clothing.Hope this helps. Feel free to write back.Regards