I have had a terrible migraine for the past day

Patient: I have had a terrible migraine for the past day and half. But its also affecting my eyes. They have been really aching to just look around and even sore when I close them. now their not only aching but also have a burning like sensation and sensitivity to bright light. Ive taken panadol and have slept. But still feel very fatigued and at times nauseous. Just really wanted to know if it is anything serious or just a bad migraine.

Symptoms: Migraine, sore eyes, nausea, sore throat.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.A migraine is a pain in the region of the head that occurs because of dilated blood vess els in the area. It occurs because of some trigger factor and does not usually go away quickly.Here are a few pointers you can follow to help with the headache:Drink lots of waterTake regular vitamin pillsAvoid the trigger factors which are causing the migraine – Sun, Rain or coldTake a Paracetamol to help counter the headacheSee a Doctor after 3 days if the headache does not go down.Hope this helps you. All the best.