I have had an MRI and am wondering could you

Patient: I have had an MRI and am wondering could you help me with the findings, is this possible?, please see below::There is a transitional lumbosacral junction with lumbarisaton od S1 as described. Alignment and vertebral body height is maintained. there are multiple schmorl’s nodes. Visualised cord outlines normally and terminated at L1-L2.At L3-L4, there is a small right paracentral disc protrusion annular fissure, no nerve root compression.At L4-L5, there is broad-based disc bulge with central annular fissure, no root compression.L5-S1, there is modic type 2 end-plate changes and previous left-sided laminectomy. There is a recurrent central and right paracentral disc extrusion with minimal caudal migration which contacts the S1 nerve roots more pronounced on the right side, there is no nerve root compression.conclusion: recurrent disc extrusion at L5-S1 contacting both S1 nerve roots without evidence of significant nerve root compression.