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I have had chronic neck and back pain since my car accident.

Patient: Ive had chronic neck and back pain since my car accident(5yrs ago with no answers. Ive done physio, chiro, massage and been on countless medications. mri revealed nothing which was completed on my full spine. I get back spasms and sharp pains constantly when twisting or sitting or standing too long. My neck kinks up frequently and recently my arms have been falling asleep on me quite neck has a constant sharp pain either on the upper trap muscle or sternocleidomastoid muscle. My left arm is incredibly week and im a fairly strong and go-getter kind of guy. I even go to work when I get episodes of torticollos. I deal with pain no problem but its eating at me mentally at times. Ive been to the emerge bc ive had chest pains while having an episode of torticollis. I get head aches often, twitching in muscle in my face And chest pain occasionally.



Doctor: Hello & Welcome to askthedoctor.comAfter seeing your history, it looks completely like a case of neurological involv ement. To diagnose a neurological problem clinical examination is of immense importance to diagnose the level of injury and to see whether symptoms are due to pathology in spine or brain.All your symptoms are appearing to be due to cervical spine involvement except twitching of face muscles which is seen in cases of lesion in brain & torticollis highly unlikely to be due to cervical involvement.Was there any blood test like serum calcium, vitamin D level assessment done?You have to visit your local Orthopaedic surgeon to get yourself physically examined for neurological charting to find out amount of motor, sensory deficit if any, find out whether problem is due to spinal pathology or lesion in brain, level of spinal involvement if any, whether disease is related to trauma or not. Only after complete examination necessary investigation can be prescribed to confirm the findings of examination and diagnosis.My recommendation is to visit an Orthopaedic surgeon.Fell free to discuss further with us at askthedoctor.comRegards



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Patient: I had to go to emergency january. as i was getting sever stomach pains in the centre of my stomach. the dr told me that this has nothing to do with my current symptoms. i’m at my wits end. i finally wrote down a all my symptoms as things seem to be getting worse as time goes on. can you please give me a sense of direction for questions to ask i’m going to give you a complete list of all symptoms. heres a review as well. i got in a car accident 5 years ago. i have chronic back pain upper and lower. right away after the accident. i started kinking my neck more frequently. 3 years ago i kinked it really bad and got torticollis. i’ve had about a dozen episodes of torticollis since. usually lasting 3days – 2 weeks at a time. my trap would spasm and not let go for days on end. i did PT for 8 months after the accident. helped very little. seen an RMT for 6 weeks that didn’t help at all infact muscles started spasming during my last session. seen a chiro for 4 weeks 3x a week with no results. infact sometimes he would hurt me so bad because my mid back would not crack. I finally got a dr to get me a full spinal mri after 4 years. it revealed mild cervical lordosis. and mild scoliosis in lower back. since fairly normal results drs won’t do anything for me except prescribe pain meds and muscle relaxants. my neck cracks and pops non stop now. when i kink my neck if i don’t get wry neck than it’s a very sharp pain and numbs a big area of the neck/trap region. i get very sharp pains in the centre of my chest. my memory is absolutely horrible. i get extremely dizzy at times, like i completely lose all equilibrium. i have a head ache 75% of the time. and it gets much worst to light which is located about 2″ from the front of my head and shoots down behind my eye. when lifting with my left arm. it’s extremely weak now. i can barely work over head if i have to use my left arm. recently every single muscle has started twitching in my body ( biceps, quad, above right eye, above right lip, neck, back, thumb, stomach)i get extremely foul gas, usually when i go to the bathroom i explode and I’m done in 2 seconds. my stomach hurts fairly often. i went to the ER 2 months ago and the dr said if the pain persist to get it looked at again. it was dead centre of the abdomen. sometimes when I’m eating it feels like food gets stuck in my oesophagus and i can’t breath. i try to drink water and it makes it even worse. usually last 15-20 seconds. I can’t touch my ear to shoulder as the pain where neck meets trap hurts soo bad once i get it to a certain point. this sharp pain has been there since i started getting wry neck along with majority of the symptoms. the fairly new symptoms are the muscle twitching and sore stomach

Doctor: Hello
I have gone through your history,
You have symptoms of neck pain, loss of cervical lordosis, scoliosis of lower back,headaches, dizziness and stomach pains.
Coming to each symptom, your neck pains and spasm of neck muscles is related to cervical spine pathology and your habit of frequently piping the neck joints. Dizziness can be related to it but it is not the only factor causing it so physical examination is required to look for other causes of dizziness related to Ear, hypertension etc.
Your headaches also don’t correspond to one arising due to cervical spine. In such cases pain is usually at the back of head in the occipital area. Headaches with pain in back of eyes area or temporal area is due to decreased eye sight, temporal arteritis (common in women), hypertension, multiple sclerosis.
Stomach ache could be related to drugs consumed for pain relief or it could be due to GI pathology, but since there is no other GI symptom it looks more to be drug related.
Muscle twitches are common in pathology of brain and in last stages of cord degeneration or calcium/ Vit D imbalance.
In my previous answer too, I have asked for physical examination by your treating doctor to look for cause of muscle twitches whether its spinal/ higher centres or calcium/ Vit D imbalance.
Psychological factors can also be a reason for multiple organic pains without much physical findings and underlying with conventional approach towards them, so you should see a psychologist as well.
Feel free to discuss.


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