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I have had fevers, muscle aches, regular toilet stops.

Patient: I have had fevers, muscle aches, regular toilet stops, fatigue, loss of appetite, wheezing, consistent coughing which i did have green thick phelm coming up now it’s a dry cough which is getting worse, hoarse voice, constant headaches, blocked ears and some pain in my right ear. I have now been like this for a week? Is this just the flu?



Symptoms: Initially I was coughing up dark green phlem now its a constant dry wheezing cough but feels like I am going to cough more up but I dont. I sound like i have a smokers cough (i dont smoke) I feel like I still have alot of stuff to get off my chest but it is just sitting there and I feel nausea.



Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query at ATDI have gone through your history it appears that you had an upper resp iratory tract infection suggested by phelm and fever. Wheeze is produced secondary to the bronchoconstriction and mucous plugs formed due to phlem.My recommendation for you is to visit your local physician for treatment because antibiotics will be required to be prescribed along with bronchodilator syrup and tablets (aminophylline and salbutamol) for relieve from wheeze and help in expectoration of phelm.This is not a flu and will require longer time to heal on its own and may become chronic without antibiotics, I will recommend again for visiting your local physician.For any other doubts or discussion, please write to us at ATD. Looking forward to your reply.Regards

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Patient: Thank you so much. Have made appointment for this afternoon.

Doctor: Thankyou for your positive feedback. Follow up at ATD for any doubts or second opinion.


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