I have had on and off diarrhea for my entire life

Patient: I have had on and off dirrehea for my entire life. I’ve gone to multiple doctors who usually always diagnose be with ecoli. I’ve always had a really high white blood cell count as well. I eventually just stopped going to the doctors when these bouts would happen. There’s is almost always bright red blood in my stool usually only noticeable on the toilet paper upon wiping. My stool is always mainly mucus. The last couple days however the mucus has been bloody. Bright and dark blood comes out in mucus clumps. I feel exhausted all the time, and have stomach aches/ severe pain at times.I have a picture of it helps.. Just looking for some answers as I feel there’s more to it than simply being ecoli… Thoughts?

I have had on and off diarr...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.This kind of diarrhea and bloody muc us in the stool is definitely not because of E.Coli and needs further investigations.It could be because of a gastric ulcer, amebic colitis, could be due to inflammatory bowel disease.I will advise you get further investigations done including Stool test for ova/ parasites, CT Abdomen, and a colonoscopy.This can guide us further towards management.Hope this was helpful,Regards