I have had serious issues with being depressed for years

Patient: I have had serious issues with being depressed for years now. I have felt like I shouldn’t be alive or that no one cares about me and I’m not important. Lately I have gotten violent and have had horrible mood swings and a significant decrease in sex drive along with other issues such as headaches and confusion as well as, immediate issues with memory loss (someone can say something and I forgot what they said as fast as it was said ) some times I cannot sleep and I’ve always had issues with waking up early or before 1pm. I’ve also had thoughts of suicide and tried to at one point What’s wrong with me am I bipolar or just depressed. It’s ruining my friendships and my relationship I want help

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here for your help.Your symptoms are suggestive of Depression and mood diso rder.I suppose, you should take help of a Psychiatrist. He would evaluate you with all routine investigations like Hemogram, Blood sugar, Thyroid profile, Vitamin D levels and if any abnormality found, would refer you to a Physician.He will evaluate and discuss with you the problems and difficulties you are facing.He will get you a Psychologist’s counseling done.If he feels, you are severely depressed, he will start you on SSRI’s like Escitalopram.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy