I have had sex with my GF about 6-7 days

Patient: I have had sex with my GF about 6-7 days ago. i have tested her with a pragnency tester and i found her pragnent. Pharmacy give me a medicine to give her named Regulin forte. but people say me diff.dosage. So pliz give me its accurate dosage Sir pliz we are in serious trouble because, her menstrual time was day before yesterday but still no mense. pliz pliz

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If your partner is pregnant and it has been confirmed by a serum beta hCG test alread y and not a urine pregnancy test at present as she is just a day post her missed periods. the urine pregnancy test kits are not sensitive until 7 days post missed periods, hence it is suggested that a repeat test may be performed after a week to confirm pregnancy again. If positive then under medical supervision she can safely opt for a termination of pregnancy with medications. There are various kits available in the market, but a self-usage is never advisable as there are set protocols which have to be followed so that chances of incomplete abortion and complications of heavy bleeding may be avoided. Please visit your physician for a detailed advice.Regards