I have had the birth control mirena for over a

Patient: I have had the birth control mirena for over a year now, and I have never bled since I’ve gotten it. I usually have some pain during sex due to my cysts that I get, but last night the pain was the worst it’s ever been. After sex, I used the bathroom and saw blood on the toilet paper. This morning I woke up and was bleeding even more.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are many causes of a post-coital bleeding and should be thoroughly investigated. Cervical lesions, polyps, cervical inflammation, cancer cervix, vaginal infection, friction at intercourse, misplaced IUCD, pill side effects, etc could be possible causes. kindly see a gynecologist for an examination and a pap smear. The doctor may need an ultrasound investigation as well. Based on the reports, treatment can be started accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards