I have had this undiagnosed pain for 6 years now,

Patient: I have had this undiagnosed pain for 6 years now, on my upper left side of my abdomen, just below my lowest rib on the very side.

Symptoms: Upper left abdominal pain

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood that you have undiagnosed pain on the left upper abdomen for the last 6 years. just below the lowest rib.Your mentioning the details about the history related to increasing factors, relieving factors, bloating, bowel habit and all would have helped me more to tell you the diagnosis and obviously the treatment.Nor have you posted any reports of previous investigations. Anyways, with a short history this looks to be a pain of costochondritis.Local tenderness will prove this.Treatment with anti-inflammatory medicines and oral steroids if needed.If there are symptoms associated with bowel, further investigations of enteroclysis, colonoscopy and so on would be necessary before a proper treatment be started.Hope this helps.

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Patient: I apprwciate your time. I had originally posted quite a bit more, but apparently my question was cut off. Here is the rest of it, I don’t k ow if it changes your answer:I have seen numerous doctors over the past 6 years, to no avail. I have had a whole slew of blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds, mri, CT scan, endoscopy, and colonoscopy. Not one test has come back abnormal. Not one doctor has difinitively said that it is or could be something.It ranges from dull throbbing, but often gets to the point of being in tears and barely able to stand.I notice it most often when it’s been a few hours since I have eaten or just after I have eaten,regardless of the meal. It does not change in location, it is not disdended, bruised, or discolored or a rash.