I have have sex and used the same condom twice

Patient: I have have sex and used the same condom 2 go’s in a row..I know…stupid thing to do…anyway now I’m having cramping constant headaches and always hungry…but it’s only been 19 days since I had sex…is it possible I’m pregnant?

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.If you have used the same condom twice and there has been no rupture of the condom, the n still the chances of pregnancy are minimal. As it has been 19 days already, the symptoms that you are experiencing may well be premenstrual syndromic symptoms which mimic early pregnancy symptoms but in absence of pregnancy, indicate that your menses shall start in next few days. Once your menses start, it would indicate that you are pregnancy safe. So you can ideally wait for a week to watch for resumption of your menses.Hope this helps.Regards