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I have high CRP level 0532 vit D 564 iron (fe) 307 cholesterol 213.

Patient: I have high CRP level 0.532vit D 5.64iron (fe) 30.7cholesterol 213LDL 114testosterone total 0.067testosterone free 0.002



Symptoms: Weight gain



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your information.Read your reports and symptom of weight gain.Please provide the normal range valu es of the lab reports as they vary from lab to lab.And please ask a question. Let me know what do you want to know so that we can discuss further.Awaiting for yours….

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Patient: CRP high-sensitive 0.532 ref. range below 0.5 negative
below 0.10 low risk
0.10-0.30 average risk
more than 0.30 high risk
cholestrol 213 ref .range
below 200 no risk
200-240 moderate risk
more than 240 high risk
LDL 114 ref. range below 100 optimal
100-129 near optimal
130-159 borderline high
160-189 high
more than 189 very high
iron (fe) in serum 30.7 ref. range 50-170
vit. D 5.64
ref. range
below 10 deficiency
10-30 insufficincy
30-100 sufficeincey
more than 100 toxicity
testosterone (total) 0.067 ref.range 0.084-0.481
testosterone (free) 0.002 ref. range
i have unintentional weight gain
i weighted 60 my hieght is 160
thanks alot

Patient: i have also hair loss and depression
and currently im using Valdoxan (anti-depressant )

Doctor: Sincere thanks for your feedback.
Read all your reports.
CRP is at borderline high.
Cholesterol is also just above normal range
LDL is near optimal
Iron is definitely low
Vitamin D too is low
Testosterone is below normal.
For unintentional weight gains, the more important tests are:
Thyroid function tests (Free T3, Free T4 and TSH),
Blood Sugar and related tests.
If we calculate your weight as 60 kg and height of 160 cm, BMI is within normal range.
The various deficiencies can cause hair fall and depression.
I would advise you to take the supplements of Iron, Folic acid, Vitamin D and Vitamin A in therapeutic dosages, have a regular re-check whether these are corrected or not. To take multivitamins as maintenance dosages.
Cholesterol and LDL can be well controlled by a combination of exercises and diet control, you do not need medicines for such levels.
It is possible that correction may reduce your hair fall. You may also consult a Trichologist (Dermatologist dealing in hair problems) for any local diagnosis and proper treatment.
Continue Valdoxan and over time you may not need such medicine.
Please mention your age and gender.
I hope this answer helps you. Please feel free to ask for further relevant questions if needed or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

Patient: thank you doctor for your prompt response
so what the action should i do because of the high CRP ??
i already did all the tests you have mentioned above and they were within normal range
what about testosterone too??

Patient: i am 28 female no chronic medical illness with one child

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
High CRP is best treated with alteration of diet as per Dietitian’s guidelines, regular exercises (and stopping smoking if you are doing). Statins used to lower cholesterol are also known to reduce the CRP. Since this is a prescription medicine you need a valid prescription.
I think that diet adjustment and regular exercises should help you to reduce CRP.
Since you are young, 28 years female the cardiac risks as such are far lower than compared to the the male of your age due to estrogenic protection of the heart, hence no need to be anxious about the levels .
Rest of the treatment I have already chalked out above.
You mean to say, Thyroid function tests are normal.
Testosterone is below the normal range, since the levels of testosterone in women are anyway very less than that of a male, it is still needed. You need to consult Endocrinologist for this as the balance is very very sensitive and
should be considered with the symptoms you have, your age, other hormonal levels. This can be well examined and clinical significance and treatment if needed should be done under the guidance of an Endocrinologist.
I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to communicate further if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

Patient: your answer is highly appreciated
thanks alot

Doctor: You are most welcome.
Thanks for your appreciation.


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