I have hydrosalpinx in both tubes with no cyst or

Patient: I have hydrosalpinx in both tubes with no cyst or fibroids or any other issues. Im getting a HSG done tomorrow, had a sharp pain in my lower right side followed by a little bleeding. My period is expecting in 2days and had a vaginal sonogram done 2 weeks ago. Should i be worried?

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of bilateral Hydrosalpinx, planned for HSG tomorrow, but has sharp pai n in the right lower abdomen and little bleeding. Periods are expected in 2 days. Vaginal Sonogram was done 2 weeks ago.This history indicates that due to pre-menstrual period, the congestion in the pelvis increases and can cause the right hydrosalpinx increase in size and causing the pain.ANother possibility is that there might be a chance that the period has preponed a few days ago.It may not be possible to undergo HSG tomorrow if the periods start, you will have to get the next appointment as per the date.Please inform the Doctors so that hte decision can be taken and an urgent ultrasonography can detect if there are any changes.I hope this answer helps you.