I have in my neck causing a pinched nerve The

Patient: I have in my neck causing a pinched nerve. The want to put a whole new disk in. I have bad lungs and low oxygen. I have Copd. My oxygen goes low just on mild sedative. What’s the odds I will survive this surgery. I have a spur in my neck too.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood that you have COPD causing bad lungs and low oxygen saturation which goes low even on mild se datives.This is a relative contraindication for any surgery and the neck surgery you are talking about is very major, hence the risk involved is also a very major.The most important point is which nerve is pinched and what are your symptoms related to it.Is the surgery must / lifesaving or so.Post surgery you will definitely require ventilator and if you survive that, you will be fine.Hope this helps you.